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Why Do I Need A UPS Site Survey?

Site surveys are essential to help customers get the best UPS system to meet their specific circumstances and budget. They cover key areas such as power needs, logistics, and electrical installation.  

Onsite visits are necessary for any uninterruptible power supply that will be hard-wired to the electrical connections. Depending on the size of the installation, a site survey usually takes up to a couple of hours, with full recommendations and product quotations provided upon completion.  

The UPS site survey itself consists of fairly standard questions to identify site-specific needs and highlight any areas that may require further investigation. It will typically cover: 

  • Power requirements i.e. load, voltage, frequency, battery runtime, recharge times,  
  • Location and physical environment i.e. dimensions, room temperature, risk of leak or ingress, which floor will the UPS be installed 
  • Logistics i.e. whether there are any delivery restrictions such as height, weight, time, or vehicle access; what loading equipment will be needed; whether lifts are available  
  • Optional extras i.e. whether the UPS needs add-ons such as external bypass, isolation transformersremote monitoring software, battery extension packs 
  • Electrical installation i.e. whether the customer or manufacturer is responsible for installation works, commissioning, battery builds, removal and disposal of old UPS; health and safety RAMS; need for PPE 
  • Project timescales i.e. preferred installation timeframe, need for ongoing maintenance, monitoring and technical support 


Surveys should be carried out for both new installations and projects where an existing UPS is being replaced. With the latter, a site survey for UPS will evaluate the viability and efficiency of the current uninterruptible power supply compared to the latest, most technologically-advanced solutions.  

Riello UPS offers FREE, no-obligation site surveys where one of our highly-qualified experts will visit during standard working hours to assess your needs. 

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