Reliable power for a sustainable world
February 24, 2011
The new <strong>Vision </strong>series from Riello is a UPS ideal for solving power problems...
The new Vision series from Riello is a UPS ideal for solving power problems within small to medium sized networks or IT applications. An evolution of the highly successful Dialog Vision range, this new compact and reliable range offers superior protection, versatility and advanced communication features. The highest protection The Vision series provides the highest levels of protection for sensitive or critical network, server or communications equipment. An Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) provides stabilization from brownouts, sags and voltage surges without battery intervention; while EMI filters also provide further protection from spikes and transients. When the mains power supply fails the load is powered by the inverter; providing a perfect sinewave for maximum power continuity and reliability. The Vision series also features surge protected sockets for powering larger absorption loads such as laser printers. Energy Efficiency and availability The Vision series is part of the Riello ECO LINE of energy efficient UPS below 3KVA. Operating at 98% efficiency, the UPS also offers a Power Share socket for load-shedding of the least critical loads - maximizing back up time for critical servers. Deep discharge protection reduces general battery ageing, while predictive battery testing routines detect any loss in battery performance; further increasing reliability and availability. Advanced Communication and Design The Vision series features an easy-to-view display panel to keep users informed of operational status, including load and battery charge percentages. Additional USB, RS232 interfaces and comms-board slots offer flexible communication options. The UPS can also be managed using the PowerShield3 supervision software which is available to download free from the download section. With its compact footprint, the Vision series has been specifically designed for ease of use in an IT environment. ‘Hot-Swappable’ batteries can be removed from the UPS via the front panel, for easy, safe and zero-downtime servicing. “The new Vision range is the first of a new generation of compact UPS,” says Luca Buscherini, Marketing Manager of Riello UPS. “Thanks to continuous research and a focus on innovation, the Vision series is a product of exceptional performance and efficiency.” The new Vision UPS comes with a 2 year warranty, software configuration packs and a PowerShield3 software CD-Rom. Model size include 800VA, 1100VA, 1500VA and 2000VA. For more product information visit the Vision technical page here