Reliable power for a sustainable world
October 26, 2023
Riello UPS joins SPAIN DC, the Spanish Association of Data Centers

Riello UPS has just joined SPAIN DC, the Spanish association of Data Centers, to reinforce its presence in a sector that is so critical to the economy with solutions aimed at protecting infrastructures against interference and possible power outages whilst also reducing its power consumption.

The rise of digitalization, IoT and social networks, together with the proliferation of the cloud and connected devices, has caused an exponential increase in the amount of data generated and stored worldwide and, therefore, a greater demand for data center infrastructures. 

On the other hand, data centers are characterized by their high demand for electricity, forcing continuous improvement both in the efficiency of computer equipment and other infrastructure. 

“Our Riello UPS Uninterruptible Power Systems guarantee maximum efficiency on the market, which helps contribute to minimizing the total cost of ownership, infrastructure and the carbon footprint. Furthermore, thanks to their compact size, they allow you to optimize space,” states José Luis Alvaredo, Director General of Riello Spain.

By joining SPAIN DC, Riello UPS is decisively advancing its strategy of protecting and guaranteeing the energy supply, as well as the operational continuity of all services in data centers, telecommunications and healthcare facilities with intelligent, sustainable and scalable solutions. 

“With our extensive experience and knowledge acquired in the field of efficiency and protection of Data Centers around the world, we hope to contribute to the SPAIN DC association achieving its objectives, which are ours too” continues José Luis Alvaredo.

For years, Riello UPS has been carrying out projects related to Data Centers with conviction and commitment, often working personally to inspire, create and support events and initiatives in the sector, and to encourage the creation and development of operator networks with complementary skills and knowledge in the sector.

Recently, Riello UPS has launched the Multi Power2, the new version of its modular UPS, which offers an efficiency of up to 98.1%, higher power density (more than double that of the previous version), easier integration into new and existing installations and, ultimately, greater operational efficiency and global flexibility.

Investments in data centers will increasingly be conditioned by the need for greater transparency, oversight and accountability for accidents, outages, security breaches or even carbon emissions and water consumption. To respond to this demand, Riello UPS has four ranges of scalable, intelligent and sustainable UPSs for data centers: NextEnergy, Sentryum 10-40 kVA, Multi Power2 and Sentinel Dual SDU.