Reliable power for a sustainable world
September 21, 2022
Riello UPS for the protection of Retail, Ho.Re.CA, GDO and Logistics applications
Efficient, reliable and sustainable UPS

The power grid is often subject to voltage problems that can give rise to everything from micro or short-power outages to prolonged blackouts. For this reason, for sectors such as Retail, Ho.Re.Ca., GDO and Logistics it is essential to be able to rely on uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), which allow you to guarantee electrical continuity and a quality energy flow. 

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can "protect us" in situations where the electricity grid is unstable, and its autonomy is sufficient to ensure continuity of service for the time necessary to safely carry out the correct shutdown procedures, safeguarding the data and without causing damage to the hardware.

In fact, companies process a large amount of data every day and must be able to rely on complete, reliable and easy-to-use electricity protection solutions.

In addition to power supply continuity, the advantages that the UPS can offer are many:

  • Operational and business continuity
  • Ease of use and scheduled shutdown of processes in the event of long interruptions
  • High energy efficiency and reduction of operating costs.

Riello UPS’s iPlug, iDialog, Net Power and Vision solutions, thanks to features such as silent operation and compact size, can be positioned in almost any environment. Moreover, thanks to their advanced features, they allow you to secure information and data, while responding to and even preventing many problems: thanks to the Powershield3 software, you can easily shut down the system thanks to the advanced remote monitoring and diagnostics process.

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