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June 12, 2019
How to make energy storage viable for mission critical sites
Riello UPS and RWE Supply & Trading are collaborating on a new UPS

Master+ Model

Riello UPS and RWE Supply & Trading are collaborating on a new UPS power supply that combines demand side response capabilities with enhanced system resilience.

New collaboration offers Data Centres and other critical sites the opportunity to tap into energy storage without compromising on reliability. Low carbon renewable sources contribute towards more of our power generation. For mission critical sites such as Data Centres, this transition poses a dilemma: do they jump on the bandwagon and embrace energy storage and its perceived environmental and economic benefits? Or will doing so risk the continuity of their electricity supply? When uptime and availability are the main driving forces, is there any room for compromise.


SMART THINKING: How a smart grid ready UPS fits into a modern energy system. The age of ‘virtual power plants’.

It sees a modified version of UPS Master HE Riello UPS fitted with a special rectifier: this enables bi-directional flow of electricity to and from the grid. The power protection device is backed by premium battery blocks with intuitive monitoring systems that make it far easier to detect if a battery may fail or not.

RWE partly covers the cost of the more expensive premium battery in order to reduces the initial capital expenditure a Data Centre must pay for a new UPS. RWE also takes on any associated risks with trading on the energy market: depending on the project, this can deliver savings of up to 7.000 euro per MW per year in grid operating costs.

The batteries are split into two elements: emergency backup (only used when there’s an issue with the mains) and commercial (stored energy for DSR mechanisms like Firm Frequency Response). In the event of a power failure, any electricity remaining in the commercial part can be activated to add to the primary backup to increase overall runtime.


The concept


Putting Energy Storage Into Practice

Our partnership with RWE includes a pilot plant we’ve been running at their HQ in Essen, Germany since September last year. Carrying a 100 kW secure load, the project is shortlisted for Datacloud Global Awards 2019.

Lower capital and operational costs.

Thanks to the mandatory 24/7 battery monitoring, reliability is greatly enhanced compared to a traditional UPS without such capabilities.


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