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May 29, 2019
New Riello UPS Sentinel Tower.
The Made in Italy solution born for the electricity market.

Riello UPS is proud to present the only solution entirely developed in Italy for the 5-10 kVA/kW power range, ideal for safety devices, lighting and telecommunications systems.

The N+1 configuration up to a maximum of 3 units is the ideal solution for the protection of all mission critical systems as safety devices in the public transport, health and banking sectors.

The high standard of engineering, the high efficiency up to 95% obtained also thanks to the use of a three-level inverter and the use of very high quality components, make Sentinel Tower a UPS that is attentive to environmental problems and reduces energy consumption compared to traditional UPS of the same category on the market.



Sentinel Tower is available in the following models:

  • 5-6 kVA/kW with single-phase input / single-phase output
  • 8-10 kVA/kW with three-phase or single-phase input / single-phase output


Main features

  • all models in the range use ON-Line double conversion technology (VFI) and three-level inverter with 95% efficiency: the load is always supplied by the inverter which supplies a filtered and stabilized sinusoidal voltage both in shape and in frequency;
  • parallel configuration up to 3 UPSs to supply critical loads where maximum reliability is required;
  • the input and output filters greatly increase the immunity of the load against network disturbances and lightning;
  • to increase the autonomy of the UPS it is possible to connect optional expansion battery boxes;
  • the ER versions are also available with 6 A enhanced battery charger to charge high-capacity batteries in the event long battery life and reduced recharge times are required.



Service continuity and infrastructure safety can be increased because Sentinel Tower is scalable: it is possible in fact to connect up to 3 UPSs in parallel obtaining different degrees of redundancy, moreover the type adopted for parallel management allows the UPS to always work also in case of interruption of one of the connection cables (Closed Loop).


Sentinel Tower being parallel allows to increase the power of the system: it is possible, for example for Sentinel Tower 10 kW, to reach a maximum power of 30 kW.


Advanced technology for exceptional performance and maximum reliability

The high technological level used by Sentinel Tower Riello UPS guarantees the best performance: thanks to the three-level inverter, 95% efficiency is obtained, with the Economy Mode up to 98%, output power factor equal to 1 further increases the efficiency of the system and of the devices while reducing the losses on the supply network. Moreover, the total microprocessor and DSP control, the static and manual bypass without interruption and the components dimensioned to work even at high temperatures guarantee a great reliability.


Selection of the operating mode

The operating mode can be set via software or manually from the screen:

  • online: up to 95% efficiency
  • economy Mode: to power low-sensitive loads from the network, an efficiency of 98% can be achieved by selecting the Line Interactive technology (VI)
  • smart Active: the UPS decides autonomously the operating mode (VI or VFI) based on the quality of the network that powers it
  • emergency: the UPS can be set to work only in the event of a power failure (emergency only mode)
  • operation with frequency converter (at 50 or 60 Hz).

All Riello UPS Sentinel Tower models are equipped with wheels that facilitate movement and that together with the new custom LCD display, RS232 and USB interfaces with PowerShield3 software, ESD input and slot for interfacing with optional cards, complete the high level features.

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Riello UPS Sentinel Tower: Made in Italy solution for the lighting and electrical market