Reliable power for a sustainable world


  • Extreme protection for critical applications
  • High resilience
  • Compliant with specific standards


  • Quality power to critical laboratory and patient care equipment
  • Operating environment
  • Hospital IT Services


Country Hospital Graz
Krankenhaus(LKH) Salisburgo
Clinique De La Sauvegarde - Lyon
Tropical Medicine Centre - Marseilles
Civil Hospital - Lyon
Klinikum Süd Nürnberg
Universitätklinikum Aachen
Ospedale le Molinette - Turin
Ospedale Cardarelli - Naples
Ospedale S.Martino – Genoa
E-HWA University Hospital - Seoul
Sri Lanka
Apollo Hospital - Colombo


Medical and healthcare services now generally rely on micro-processor based technologies. Due to the critical nature of these systems, the uninterrupted and quality power infrastructure must be designed to ensure maximum reliability and operability.

Medical equipment such as MRIs must adhere to stringent safety standards. The UPS must input isolation to those critical loads to sure uninterrupted power during operation, along with:
IP protection, input/output electrical isolation,  and monitoring.  
Hospital Power backup system 
Riello UPS responds to these needs with UPS systems that meet all power and safety requirements.
In a medical environment, reliable power distribution is critical.  During an outage, transfer from utility to generator via Automatic Transfer Switch at the service entrance would cause a transient that can cause interruption of all critical loads.  Riello UPS offers systems that enables the load to maintain operation seamlessly during this transfer.
Electrical continuity cannot be guaranteed unless it is supported by suitable monitoring and control systems, which can speak the various protocols installed in healthcare infrastructures - Modbus, Bacnet, SNMP, HTTP. Riello UPS develops interfaces and software for monitoring and control designed for such continuity.