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What are the benefits of an external maintenance bypass switch?
  • Capability for total isolation for UPS maintenance, with no disturbance to the load.
  • Greatly reduced cost and size when compared to other systems using ‘Key interlocking.’
  • Totally safe and user friendly, simple switching sequence, no risk of back-feeding UPS.
  • Use of electrical interlocking ensures ‘no-break’ transfer without complex & expensive key interlock arrangement.
  • No need for additional Maintenance switches or key exchange boxes (cost savings)
  • Standard system using top quality switchgear, which is readily available (prompt delivery)
  • Can easily be customised to incorporate larger terminals for oversized cables.
  • Can be built to include full MCB/MCCB protection or just isolation depending on site requirements.
  • Unit can also incorporate shunt trip facilities for ‘emergency power off’ (EPO) on input and by-pass switches.
  • Can be installed outside normal hours, by a competent electrician, to enable UPS to be installed during normal hours without a further shutdown.
  • Capability for ‘ two input’ systems giving greater flexibility and security for the critical load.
  • Local MCB/MCCB allow downsizing of cables locally without extra protection devices.