Reliable power for a sustainable world


VOLTRONIC 4 electronic stabilisers regulate the voltage via a static switching system controlled by a microprocessor. The special circuit layouts and high quality components of these stabilisers make them reliable and solid, even though they are very light and compact at the same time.
The VOLTRONIC 4 series comprises five models which offer high regulation speed, high efficiency, no distortion/interference and insensitivity to load, frequency and power factor variation.
VOLTRONIC 4 models are equipped with EMI/RFI filters to protect connected loads from mains interference. Operation is noiseless and vibration-free as there is neither magnetic leakage nor any moving parts.
The VOLTRONIC 4 models feature both input and output protection; an LED display indicates the load level, over/undervoltage conditions and device faults. Overloads, overheating and overvoltage are also signalled via an audio alarm.
VOLTRONIC 4 electronic stabilisers can be installed and used immediately.

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  • No harmonic distortion.
  • Insensitive to the type of load and power factor.
  • Low power to weight ratio.
  • Very reliable.
  • High regulation speed.